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ld medal with a portrait of Stalin on it. In 1958, Sun Jiadong brought one ▓of these precious gold medals to China.In 1967, the cen▓tral government decided to set up the China Academy of Spa

ce Technology, the president of which was Qian Xunsen. Sun Jiadong was appointed by Qian Xunsen to restructure the staff ▓for satellite research, and Sun was already the vice dire

ctor of the general satellite design department at the China Academy of Spa▓ce Technology. Just like what he experienced 9 years previously when he returned to China, he ▓gave up the m

ore familiar field of guided missiles, where he had achieved much, and carried on the responsibility of satellite research. He was 37 years old at that time.Full text: China´s Policy P

aper on Lat▓in America and the CaribbeanBEIJING, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese go▓vernment launched its first ever policy paper on Latin Am▓erica and the Caribbean region. The full

tellite technology . He is also member of both the Ch ina Academy of Science and the Interna tional A cademy of As tronautics. At▓ the age of 18, he enrolled in the Harbi n Institute of T echnology to start preparatory courses▓ in Russian, and later transferred t o the automotive depar tment. As the ne wly-established Ch▓ ina began to set up 宾川县wap 仙居县wap 中牟县5G 从化市5G 四川wap 拉萨市wap 隰县wap 如东县5G 台山市wap 清苑县5G 乳山市wap 双桥区wap 乐平市wap 拉萨市5G 永善县5G 乐安县5G 綦江县5G 修文县5G 深泽县wap 丰宁满族自治县wap 传奇私服网站新开网单职业中变 传奇私服外挂免费版 2018最新传奇私服发布网 传奇私服合计版 今日新开传奇私服1.80 手机能玩传奇私服么 开个传奇私服多少钱 传奇私服地图补丁 传奇私服暗黑版本网站 传奇私服看不到技能栏